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Building a Multipage Website Using Liberty Basic

One is a picture automator for wordpress, one is a search engine optimization site builder (the huge secret tool most web expert's do not want you using or understanding of) and one I use to create amazon portal sites to sell amazon products. These sites generate me over 150,000 USD a year in profits after I pay for hosting and promotion. How long do I spend on them a day? Less than 1 hour united. That is around 5 minutes on each site a day.

To assemble a web site with multiple pages, you will need to create a template for the site, and use an appropriate style sheet to get the look that you just demand.

Within the template several tags are inserted which will tell the application where to add the imported posts.

The imported posts are saved as text files on the local hard disk and the article is read in and embedded into the body of the template. The name of the article can be utilized as the title and description of the webpage, and the output file would be named similar to the name of the page plus using a .htm as the file extension.

This idea can be expanded even further by building directories depending on towns or counties around the nation, one example of this is - a directory of businesses based around the main road the A63 which runs from Hull in the East of England to Leeds in Yorkshire.

4 Files were used to create this file, each file was imported in to write to the template at the appropriate position.

1. Metadata.txt - holds all the meta data information for the webpages

2. Business records - save the addresses, phone numbers and type for each business

3. Category Descriptions - Helps build the H1 tags for that particular grouping

4. Town - Holds the town names

Using these 4 files it really is possible to assemble a pretty unique webpage for that specific group in that town.

There are about 140 classifications, and 5 towns - adding up to 700 web pages.

Expanding the thought farther it is possible to build a website with the principle towns in the UK which are about 1200 towns, this would give us around 170,000 pages.

The programming language gives huge chances for creating multi page websites with ease. It just takes just a little time getting the core data sets together.

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So, you're thinking, "Why should I figure out the way to build create a wedding site? Picture Picture ringgggg.... ringgggg.... "What are the ways to the banquet hall?" Ringgggg.... ringgggg.... "What time does the bridal shower start at?" Ringgggg.... ringgggg.... "Hi, did you receive our RSVP?" Now are you beginning to see the reasons why you should construct your own personal wedding website?

Everybody knows that you will find lots of anxieties involved with all the details for organizing a wedding ceremony and reception too. Now, having telephone calls swarming you during this the planning can take all the enjoyment from it. All you and your finance will need is to create your own wedding site. Think of it as your 24 hour work for free wedding assistant, advising people behind the scenes.

Which Wedding Website Should I Use?

Well, you'll find many different wedding sites that let you create your personal page. Nevertheless, they come in different shapes and colors which have many personalized options. Some with more, and some with less. Most of the free wedding websites that allow you to assemble your own space list templates. Consider posting the significant dates and places together with a little bio about how you two met. Additionally there are some perks with the updated wedding websites. These websites have choices that let you personalize and tweak your page, (kinda like a MySpace layout). There are also those that offer your own domain, this means you may have your own.com!

Top Wedding Website Features

Dynamic Guestbook

This lets your visitors leave messages and gives them the opportunity to remark on you two. Some wedding websites even have a timestamp that enables you to know who seen and what time.