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Let's Get Your Website on Google!
It's somewhat of a urban legend that it is an arduous task to get your website on Google. Truth is, it is actually not that difficult at all. There is a streamlined process demanded which you must follow in order to get your site on google, and it you follow and execute them so, you will get your site on google in no time.
Measure 1: Find Low Competition Keywords Dedicated to Your Market
Key words are the cornerstone of any campaign, and the starting point for your own search engine optimization goals. To get your site on google, use the google external keyword tool to research keywords related to your niche.
If you want a more in-depth tool that will that will provide you with laser targeted results, which will take away all of the guesswork, I 'd advocate the keyword tool at Loaded Affiliate. You desire keywords with low competition, meaning there aren't many other websites with the same key word focus that you pick. For example, if your niche is computer games, after you kind "computer games" (in quotes for the precise result) within the google searchbar, that key word comes back with over 12 million webpage results. You ideally want a key word with less than 5,000 webpage results, so as I dig down for a more focused key word, such as "computer downloadable games" this special keyword has a web site competition result of on 64 webpages! This would be an ideal keyword to pick for article writing, and you'd also need to create a webpage on your website with this keyword focus too.
Measure 2: Write Posts Focused on The Chosen Key Word
The keyword "computer downloadable games" is a laser targeted option for search engine optimization purposes; the low site competition for that keyword will give us the edge to get our webpage and articles rated within the search engine. You need to take the keyword "computer downloadable games" and compose multiple articles based around it, and each post you write should be between 500-75o words, and the key word should show up in the article between 8-12 times. That is perfect for a search engine optimized article, so one you're whole with writing the article, you'll need to submit that article to Ezinearticles, or Articlesbase. Once the article is published, take the weblink for the post, and submit that article to three social bookmarking sites, such as digg, mixx, and reddit, This procedure allows your posts to get rated faster, and the extra link juice going to your own article allows your article to stick to the first page of google longer. To get your site on google, take the link to the webpage that you created, and social book mark that too. Here is the creation flow for the actions process to get your website on google:
It's really that simple to get your site on google, and if you work this procedure with all of your article marketing efforts, you will get your site on google in no time. These abilities and more are instructed at Affluent Affiliate, where affiliates aren't made wealthy, but educated the way to make themselves rich.
keyword research-> write post-> submit post to article submission site-> social bookmark the post, and point that article to related webpage on your own website -> social bookmark the webpage.