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Small Business SEO – The Big BIG Mistake

You type in the name of your site, ‘EPR Architects' into the search engines and fantastic news, the site is ranked at number 1 of the first page of the search results. So, does this mean you have decoded online marketing and do not need to do any small business SEO! Unfortunately not, but it really is a standard error for a small business to make. Unless you happen to be a well-established brand, there will be quite few searches per month for the name of your business. Just the visitors who already know of you'll be typing your unique business name into Google so there will be few new customers to your website. What is significant is whether you're observable to the prospective customers who do not understand you. These people search for the services and products by typing in keywords and phrases into the search engines and will frequently set a nearby area.
One simple way to know whether you need local SEO at all would be to check out how visible your website will be to customers. Follow these 6 steps:
1.List all of your products and services using one to three words.
2.List all your brand terms.
3.Review sector association sites and see what words they use to describe to discuss your topic.
4.Ask your own team what words your customers use when asking or talking about the product or service.
5.Now test these words out on the two biggest search engines Google and Yahoo. If you only operate in a local geographical area then type this is after the key word. For example, ‘recruitment services Birmingham'.
6.Against each word or phrase note down which whether you are on page 1 of the search engine results or not.
In a local marketplace, where the amount of searches per month have become little you have to maximise the amount of useful words and phrases your website ranks for and for each achieve a top position 1-3. Being ranked below this even on page 1 WOn't generate enough visitors in a local marketplace where the quantity of exact searches per month are normally little. If you are not seeing these results then your site isn't reaching your potential marketplace and would benefit significantly from some Affordable SEO Services designed for small businesses.