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How Can You Improve Your SEO Copywriting By Virtue Of PPC Copywriting?
One of the reasons which make Internet Marketing a treat among on-line marketers is the diversity it offers through several of tools and techniques under its significantly broad umbrella. Online marketing essentially concerns with paid and non-paid versions of on-line search.
Paid search pertains to PPC management (Pay-per-Click direction) for which internet marketers have to pay across each click that leads a potential customer towards their web site. On the other hand, non-paid search involves SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings, also generally attributed as organic search or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
In the lines to follow, are given some useful tips of PPC copywriting that may also prove equally useful for SEO copywriting. They contain:
Though these two techniques resort to different strategies, but primarily they're meant for exactly the same object, i.e. powerful on-line promotion. That's why seasoned web marketers often mix and match the results and procedures of one technique with the other, including the effective copy writing techniques of PPC can be utilized for raising the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization copy too.
Counting More On Exclamation Marks
Experienced PPC copywriters are well aware of the fact that adding an exclamation mark at the right area serves to increase the CTR (Click-through rate) of an advertisement copy. This really is for the fact that it functions to capture attention from a web surfer. You may consider it like increasing the pitch of your voice at a particular period to capture increased focus from a passerby.
Rely More On Facts Than Empty Claims
To PPC copywriters, it's very much clear that facts and figures, whenever used suitably, result in improved CTR. SEO copywriters can rely on facts and figures in a even better manner, as they have increased room to cite the source from which they may be quoting particular set of fact, thus making it even more real as compared to PPC, which can be hindered by dearth of space.
Testing Also Makes A Guy Perfect!
One thing PPC copywriters do in wealth is … testing…. and for great reasons. When you run through proper testing of your PPC copy, you are bound to enjoy the bounty of significantly increased CTR, because testing additionally makes a man perfect just like practicing does. Though folks might claim that testing a few lines of text is much easier and practical when compared with testing the whole post length, but the fact of the matter is that it's extremely worth every penny. You might resort to Google Website Optimizer to find the effectiveness of two variants of an article compiled for SEO purposes. Major testing components from SEO standpoint might include article title, article span (total word count), pictures (their number, layout, etc), sidebar links, etc.
As mentioned previously, the beauty of internet marketing lies in its diversity and flexibility. If you are also in your way to become an efficient on-line marketer, never hesitate experimenting the consequences of PPC copywriting and SEO copywriting. Whatever you must do is lay focus on promoting your product or service efficiently.
Value Your Space
One thing that distinguishes PPC copywriters from common writers is their efficiency in using the space. Since PPC ad copy confines you to shorter word length, expressing your purpose most effectively in the minimal possible words makes their writing more significant. Though SEO copywriters are free from any such severe constraint, but they could learn the lesson that using space effectively will function to increase their efficacy as well, in one way or the other.