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New crossball controls give players more opportunities to put the ball in the box and provide dynamic attack chances. A variety of different cross-ball variants increase the variety and make it possible to select the player in the best attack position.


You're also taken on a trip around the world with Alex Hunter, with a star-filled role list that includes self-Cristiano Ronaldo and other European football stars. After a rehearsal first season in the Premier League, Hunter has been noticed by top clubs around the world, and he is willing to evaluate all offers put on the table. He feels ready to take the next step, he has a bright future in front of him and the whole world talks about him while you can get him with FIFA 18 Coins and Points hack ... but the football world is not always fair.

A trip through football world: From summer vacation in Brazil to a tour before the Los Angeles season; Alex Hunter experiences a varied football experience on a worldwide trip.

More to play for: Chapter-based, short-term goals give Alex Hunter more to play for as he navigates through the second season of a promising career.

Starring role list: Cristiano Ronaldo is at the forefront of a number of superstars, old and new, in a star-studded cast.

Important decisions: You get bigger and more difficult decisions to take that change the story in the long run. Personalize the story that controls Alex Hunter's career and affect the relationships of other people, both on and off the pitch.

Your own Alex Hunter: Personalize the look of Alex Hunter by choosing hairstyle, tattoos and clothes. You can even choose which foot he is shooting with to make sure that he matches your style.

Local Multiplayer: Play The Journey as a team with local multiplayer, and experience the game on the pitch with friends.

New playable characters: Now you can experience short, independent stories with playable characters that Alex hits in The Journey.