Cialis - Generic Cialis Vs Branded Cialis

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Viagra pills are effective drugs for the treatment of male penile erectile dysfunction. Its English name is Sildenafil. Also is the most effective ED product, also known as "the little Blue Pill" "Magic blue pills." It is the world's first oral drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED),which was researched and developed by Pfizer . In March 1998 Listing on the United States, his appearance drive the world crazy. Affected by all adult men and women. In the media reports, the term" viagra" from refers exclusively to Pfizer's "Viagra" generalized into the industry term "drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment"

Its main ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. There are three doses are 25mg. 50mg .100mg. There are two kinds of packaging, specifications : 4 tablets/ box and 30 pills/ bottle, two kinds. The lowest unit price is 25mg 4 tablets / box, the highest price is 100mg 30 tablets / bottle. However, according to the same dose, the lowest average price is 100mg 30 tablets / bottle. So cheap viagra choose the 100mg 30 pills / bottle is the most correct. Because the same dose this one has a lower price.

Viagra 100mg 30 Pills / Bottle,Weight Approx. 37.6g;Bottle Height 70mm ,Bottom Partial Square Width 38mm Length 38mm,the Top is a round cover with a diameter of 37.6mm. Cheap viagra 100mg 30 Pills / bottle price is generally under 1 USD / pills,the more you buy,a lower shipping cost,can get a cheaper prices.

Cialis is developed and produced by US Eli Lilly,is a kind of PDE-5 inhibitor and is the only long-acting PDE-5 inhibitor approved by the US FDA and CFDA, although its effect is not as fast as that of viagra. But Cialis has its own advantages. The biggest feature is the least side effective time as long as 24-36 hours, so also known as "Weekend Pill", one cialis 20mg pill can make you spend a pleasant weekend, but also because the cialis pills is a yellow shape like diamonds so there is a Very imagative name "yellow diamond." From these two names will be able to fully see the people's favorite for cialis pills.

The main ingredient of Cialis pill is tadalafil. Respectively, 5mg. 10mg ,20mg three doses. There are 4 tablets/ box and 30 pills/ bottle , two specifications packaging. The lowest priced cialis is 5mg 4 tablets / box, the highest price is 20mg 30 tablets / bottle cialis pill. However, if the same active ingredient (tadalafil) dose to calculate, the average lowest price is 20mg 30 tablets / bottle. That's why cialis 20mg 30 Pills / Bottle is the cheapest. Because the same dose of tadalafil price is lower,prices will generally be 30% cheaper,so 20mg 30 Pills / bottle is also the largest sales of cialis products.

Cheap cialis 20 mg 30 pills/ bottle, Each bottle weight about 25.5 g,Bottle size: height is about 60mm. Bottom Partial Square Width 34.8mm Length 34.8mm,The top is a round cover with a diameter of 34.6mm. Cialis price generally under 1USD / pills,the more you buy ,a lower shipping cost,can get cheaper price.

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