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Escort Directories like Exotics, Eros, and Cityvibe are very well-liked. They've all been about for over 10 years now with new comers and copy cat directories displaying up nearly daily.

Their format s are pretty similar, dividing their website into cities, and from there the local escorts can choose from categories that best describe them or their services. They can chose from hair color, Blonde, Brunettes, Redheads, or ethnicity, Asian, Latina , Ebony, and so on., or they can chose primarily based on availability, Daytime Delights or After Dark girls. They can also chose categories primarily based on service types, from Sensual Body Rub Massage, to Fetish, to BDSM.

As soon as placed in these categories, if the directory is popular and has many advertisers, an escort's ad can be lost among the dozens and dozens of escort ads posted there exactly where they are all competing against each other for the viewer's interest.

All escorts feel they aren't obtaining enough calls and want to know how they can be much more competitive. After looking at the largest and most popular directories I came up with some recommendations.

1. Promote in Many Directories not just one. Look, it is not like you're buying a sixty thousand dollar sports car and you have to choose only one. Internet directories average about $150 per month so why not pick two 3 or four directories to cover your bases. The significant directories seem to have their personal followings and even if every directory costs around $150 for a month, that is truly fairly a bargain considering you can get a dozen or much more calls and make fairly a couple of thousand in return.

2. Advertise in More Categories. Directories divide their cities into the types of categories that best describe an escort's appears , services, or availability. If you fit more than one, for a nominal extra fee you can choose all the categories that apply to you. That way you'll have more exposure on that Directory. If you are blond and only work in the evenings simply because you have a day job, location yourself in Blond and Following Dark categories. If you do sensual massage, then put yourself in that category too. Exact same with Fetish and BDSM.

3. Offer Much more Services that'll place you in much more categories. If you're a Brunette and other than escorting, you like to dress up in high heel shoes or function play as a naughty cheerleader or school girl, think about advertising in the Fetish Categories to place your self in front of that audience. Make certain you have photos that show you in these outfits to stimulate the imaginations of the viewers who are turned on by these things.

  • Be Specfic in what you do, or in what you do not do!. If you do not provide Full Service, say so in your ad. While it might turn some customers away, it will most likely maintain you from becoming known as by vice cops who would wish to test you.

If you offer GFE (Girl Buddy Experience), or PSE (Porn Star Encounter) you could say so, but you should be also aware that Vice Cops comprehend these terms as well, and posting this information will be trigger to bust you should you get caught in a sting by an undercover vice cop. One of the first pieces of proof a vice cop will submit to a judge in court is your posted ad text. Your on-line posting is a contractual provide for some act, GFE or PSE let's say, in return for a customer's money. If you show up and take the money, you are finishing the terms for an illegal act and will be busted if the customer is a cop. So Beware!

4. Have a good Thumbnail Photo. Since website viewers generally go first to the category of their primary interest and sees who is available form there, they will be looking over the small thumbnail photos to see who grabs his attention, then he will click that photo to view the corresponding ad. So having a good thumbnail photo that captures the viewer's attention is a should.

5. Have Great Professional Photos. If you place up inexpensive, blurry photos, you are advertising yourself as a low grade amateur. While some individuals think this is a novel method to separate you from the deceiving stock photos ploy which is a common among practice among agencies who buy left over professional modeling photo-shoot photos,, our research shows that escorts that use real photos of themselves that are professional, sharp, and colorful get so many more clicks and visitors to their ads that the escort ads that don't.

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