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Each vehicle has a spare tire carrier. Do you know exactly where yours is or how to get the tire off? If not, you might be stranded until somebody comes along who can assist you.

When one goes to buy a new or used vehicle they generally look at the options or gizmos on the auto. Couple of think to ask exactly where the spare tire is carried, or how to get it undone so they can use the tire when they need it. This is one of the most essential options as everyone will have at least one and usually more than 5 blowouts or flat tires throughout the time they own their car.

A fantastic many cars have their spare tire carrier in the trunk of the auto. Most of the time it is below the rug in the trunk of the car. It can also be located along the edges of the trunk, with the side being the most common. Different auto makers have different options for where they put these, so ask your dealer or the person you buy from exactly where it is. If they have no clue, you require to shop somewhere else.

RV's usually have them mounted on the rear, in plain sight. They have a center mount bolt that you need to loosen to eliminate the tire which is generally covered with a vinyl covering. Trucks usually have easily spotted carriers below the rear end of the truck. These are a bit harder to get to as they need one to crawl or wiggle under the truck to get to them. Once you have gotten your spare from below the truck you require to replace it with the flat or you will have a dangling carrier that can make noise or hit other things below the truck. Worse case image, that truck tire carrier can hang up on some thing and really damage your truck.

Spare carriers can go on bumpers or other components of a car that will support the weight of the mounting device and the tire. The look of a spare tire on the front finish of any vehicle says. "I am ready for you, are you ready for me?" and provides you so much peace of mind, that you know that if anybody hits your front end, you are going to be ok. It also allows you extremely easy access to your spare tire. If you have to have somebody assist you change your tire, do you really want them to see what you have in your trunk? Also, you do not have to get out to let another individual at your spare, you can sit safe in your car whilst the tire is fixed.

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