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Every corporate organization has a mission, vision and a set of objectives to attain. Every employee in the organization is essential for contributing towards this common goal. While each group member is responsible for his or her duties and responsibilities at an person level, it is important for the entire group to work as a united force to drive the organization towards success.

Communication, collaboration and trust - these are the important qualities each productive group should posses. No group can posses these attributes naturally as these have to be created and learnt. There are a quantity of group developing activities to assist teams learn the nuances and significance of teamwork.

Group building workshops aim to instil and enhance particular qualities like:

• Trust: One cannot work in tandem with other members of the team unless there is a sense of mutual trust. All the members of a team have to communicate and work with other team members on a day-to-day to basis. If there is a lack of trust, it will reflect on the function, and will hamper the general productivity. Numerous group developing applications like the Rhythm Challenge are helpful in fostering and developing trust among team members. In this challenge, the team has to use easy and daily articles to produce an orchestra! This team developing game cannot be performed unless every group member trusts the other and creates music that is in-sync with other instruments.

• Solve conflicts: When there are numerous minds at function, conflicts are bound to arise. Nevertheless, it is essential to address such conflicts at the earliest and resolve them before it spirals into a complete-fledged issue. When it comes to solving conflicts, there are many group building games or team building workshops. The roller coaster challenge is a enjoyable and interactive group building activity that assists team members neglect their conflicts and work in unison. In the roller coaster challenge, the teams have to design and create a roller coaster from which a ball has to travel, with only gravity as its aid!

• Collaboration: Imagine developing a raft and sailing on it - a difficult task for 1 individual but when you do it as a team, you can not only develop a sturdy raft but also sail in rough waters. The rafting challenge requires the teams to collaborate and communicate in a better way so that they build not just a raft, but a healthy rapport as well.

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