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Facebook seems to be a really great tool, until it comes to dating. Facebook can ruin excellent relationships. It is truly a travesty. But what is the alternative? Do you give up on connecting with hundreds of your friends and family or do stay connected an run the risk of ruining your relationship. Some people have no trouble sustaining a good relationship and having facebook. But for chronic facebook regulars and philosophers, this internet tool can really mess up a good thing.

The first incriminating piece of evidence is your photo album. If someone gets just too close and your significant other sees this photo online you can be sure that your partner will be calling you soon after. You can try to tag the photo so that your significant other does not see, even if you are just trying to protect him or her, but one day if you are browsing your facebook page together, you may get caught in your own trap.

Facebook is not a dating site yet some people feel like it is posting comments that may be ambiguous. These ambiguous comments can lead your significant other to do some philosophizing on their own part which may not make you too happy. In most cases, you are not cheating on your partner and most of the stuff up there is either misconceived or innocent flirting. However, problems still arise no matter what you do.

Facebook can also help to try to make your relationship stronger by letting your significant other into your life. You can explain to them who the person is, how you know them, what they mean by their comment and that they are in a relationship. You will be able to see for yourself that all of this nonsense is meaningless.

Others get upset when this non dating site states that your partner is still single when they are really with you. This can simply be resolved by changing the status but you may be surprised at how many people are upset when their profile isn’t changed. The downside is that some people are so current on Facebook that you might find out that your partner is single before he or she has the chance to break things off with you. This is probably as low as being dumped via text message and probably worse. A final piece of advice is to always be truthful on facebook as the truth will always come out on this non dating site.