Name Compatibility - Are You With 'The One'?

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Name Compatibility is primarily based on numerology and it enables you to discover exactly how compatible you and your partner are on every level of your partnership. This isn't a random test carried out for a bit of fun and it doesn't use any kind of psychic capability. Name compatibility uses the power of your names and the number meanings they include. Numerology is an ancient system that has stood the test of time. Imagine how useful it could be to study, in depth, about YOUR relationship with every thing revealed that you could want to know about your compatibility AND what is coming up for the two of you in the future...

Name compatibility analyzes:

Your Life Path numbers: the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime.

Your Expression numbers: your physical and mental constitution, the goal of your life.

Your Hearts Want numbers: reveals the inner you. It shows your underlying urge and your true motivation.

Your Personality numbers:reveals those elements that you feel comfortable sharing with people at the starting of a relationship and also shows how other individuals perceive you.

In each of these four instances name compatibility then appears at your relationship compatibility in each of these crucial locations.

It also appears at your compatibility cycles over the coming months and years so that you can see whether a positive phase is coming up for your partnership and when that will be.

If you are able to fully comprehend what someone is really like, and how compatible you really are, before creating any type of commitment to them it might assist you make a better decision than by using your feelings alone. Otherwise there is a good chance of creating a error that can be painful emotionally and financially! Adore is blind after all and if you have ever been, or are, deeply in adore you will know how true that saying is!

Name compatibility is also very helpful if you are thinking of obtaining divorced or splitting up with somebody as you will see whether or not the partnership deserves a second attempt. It will enable you to see whether you are essentially well suited, and simply going via a bad patch, or whether there is small basis for a long term partnership.

As we all know, people can put on a front and only show us their very best sides. Or, they may be shy and insecure so it is difficult to get to know the genuine individual underneath. Or we may be completely blinded by love as to how compatible we really are with somebody. It's easy to believe you are compatible in the early stages of a relationship when you are in the 'honeymoon stage'. Nevertheless when that wears off a little you require to know that what you are left with is a partner with whom you are compatible.

Love alone may not be sufficient to sustain a long term relationship as love can change - name compatibility will reveal at all levels whether or not the two of you are truly compatible. Not only that, it will assist your partnership to be much better and stronger because you will truly 'get' that individual and know what makes them tick when you study what their name reveals about them, their character and your partnership with them.

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