Playing the Lotto - Your Best Opportunity at Financial Freedom?

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Statistically, the lottery attracts a slew of individuals from lower-income households. Why? And is the lottery really worth it? Does the relatively insignificant cost of one ticket make the nearly not possible opportunity of winning millions worth the time and money?

Some call it "a tax on stupidity." Many would agree...

Albert Einstein remarked, "Only two issues are certain: the universe and human stupidity and I am not particular about the universe."

In 1999, the Customer Federation of America and a firm called Primerica did a survey the produced some extremely fascinating outcomes. 40% of Americans with incomes between 25k and 35k thought winning the lottery would give them their entire retirement overall, 27% of this survey's respondents concluded that their best opportunity at 500k for their lifetime would come from a lottery!

It sounds like those of us who don't make a lot of cash as it is are looking for a shortcut.

The fact is, many play the lottery because they don't understand how to Really gain wealth individuals believe their best shot comes from a ticket that will ultimately give them almost no chance of winning. That ought to tell you how confident we are in gaining wealth the right way- rolling up our sleeves and placing in a good 40 hr. work week.

These statistics alone ought to bring our interest to a much more important discussion: perhaps our poor spending habits, such as that of wishing for wealth through a lottery ticket, would be changed if our monetary IQ improved.

In reality, I dare say that if America understood that if you were to save a mere $100 per month at the age of 21, that 500k dream would become a reality for many more! We need to improve our monetary IQ!

If you are going to play the lottery, make sure you are playing it for enjoyable- do not play it for riches simply because it won't happen.

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