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To analyze the significance of the continuous data, an analysis of variance (ANOVA) was applied. Chi-square tests of significance were used for analyses of categorical variables regarding the qualified proportion of the three sections. The relationships among knowledge, behavior, and skill were analyzed by correlation analysis. Statistical significance was accepted at p?Neratinib price are reported in Table 1. The average score for the sum of knowledge, behavior, and skill was 14.12?��?3.22, and the mean scores for knowledge, behavior, and skill were 4.65?��?1.20, 7.25?��?1.94, and 2.21?��?1.31, respectively. The statistic of the total score of these three sections was found to follow an approximately normal distribution. The overall mean score for knowledge was 4.65?��?1.20, and 23.7% of participants met the qualified standard of Quinapyramine knowledge. Both the overall knowledge score and the qualified proportion for knowledge were significantly higher in urban areas compared to rural areas (F?=?63.968, p?S3I-201 solubility dmso ( Table 2). The qualified proportion in the different age groups fell significantly with increasing age (Chi-square?=?20.991, p?