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Steel is a material increasingly utilized both in building and in households due to its numerous qualities and selection of solutions offered.

Strength and lightness are the sensations you feel in the instant vision of the steel structures used in projects of higher architectural and engineering value the quest for new types and the require for flexibility and "freedom" of the spaces enhance the use of steel in contemporary building that will reduce the overall dimensions of the structures and broadening the totally free lights.

The ever present require to monitor the sustainability and environmental impact both of industrial processes and realized constructions, and the growing sensitivity on the part of designers and operators of the sector have made the steel at the leading of the ranking of supplies utilized, due to its higher recyclability. In addition the ease and speed of assembly on site the prefabricated structures limit the expenses of management and supper. The flexibility of steel structures and prefabricated elements finally allows the future possibility of upgrading and renovation of spaces, extension, elevation, by indicates of the dismantling and subsequent reassembly and through the greatest freedom in the formation of joints, supports and stiffeners in location.

The steel find thus a wide use in the developing field, exactly where it lends itself to the most diverse and modern projects. A good example of this are the ventilated facades. Walls that certainly excite and at the same time act as real "skin" on the developing, a mix of technologies and type, they can visually "lighten" the big walls, they can renovate any kind of current infill and give architectural value even to the less valuable building envelope. There are many usable materials such as aluminum sheets and composite kind as Alucobond, steel, porcelain steel, copper, cement, glass and so on.. and there are also numerous types of person elements forming the system, such as trapezoidal or corrugated panels, extrusions, processed panels "cassette" or plans, expanded metal and so on.. The correct planning and an suitable size of the substructure of anchoring are important to achieve the effect of flatness, verticality and horizontality of the lining of the joints, as it is very important the choice of finishing components.

The significance of the use of steel in all its various and many uses tends to make it possible to shape and give lightness to the architectural components of the project, important to the functionality and aesthetics of the whole work.

Moreover, if we speak of an earthquake, it is universally known that the very best prevention of earthquake harm is realized by maximizing the use of steel structures. Italy for now is the back marker in the building of homes and buildings with a metal structure. The reasons are many, lack of adequate education and connection between school and business. Couple of businesses are dealing with steel building. Yet the challenge for the future is this.

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