Thattekkad Bird Haven

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Establish by renowned ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali in 1983, the Thattekkad bird shelter elephant trekking chiang mai is located in the Kothamangalam district of Idukki. It is one of the popular land mark in the state Kerala. It is a house to almost 500 types of unique birds. At the height of 35-523m over the water level, this spectacular bird haven is located at Njayqapilli optimal by the side of the Periyar river. It was described by Salim Ali" Thattekad in the 1930's as the wealthiest bird habitat in peninsular India ...". Earlier it was unimportant in the physical map of Kerala, today it attracts bird enthusiasts from across the globe. As well as the credit score goes to the initiatives of Dr. Salim Ali who uncovered the matchless possibility of this thick tropical evergreen forest as a paradise for winged creatures.

Vegetation and also fauna:

This paradise of bird lovers lies in the thick tropical evergreen and deciduous woodlands [] as well as meadow patches. Thattekkad is abundant in teak wood, climbed timber, mahogany and also various other plants. The attractive landscapes of the park real estate a population of some uncommon varieties of birds. The uncommon birds which are generally located in Thattekkad are Crimson-Throated Barbet, Bee-eater, Sunbird, Shrike, Blackwinged Kite, Grey Heron and also the Night Heron. There are birds like Indian roller, cuckoo, usual snipe, crow pheasant, jungle nightjar, kite, grey drongo, Malabar trogon, woodpeckeer, large pied wagtail, baya sparrow, grey forest chicken, Indian hill myna, robin bird, forest babbler and also darter can be easily located in this area.

Besides the birds it is additionally home to atleast 28 types of pets and so lots of varieties of reptiles. Pets like elephant's, Leopard, bear, porcupine, python and also cobra can additionally be detected below.

Main attractions:

The main attraction right here of course revolves round the bird enjoying. So the very best method to discover the land of birds by taking a ride over an elephant's back. The sluggish motions of the elephants provide an added satisfaction to finding the rarest birds. There are jeeps likewise available on hire to move around the park. The peak period to see the location is the September to June.