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Varicose leg veins can be a headache for any woman. These are those unsightly large blue (with a touch of purple or green) veins that protrude in the legs. They are always an upsetting sight to see, in particular when seen up close. Fortunately today, there are several treatment options available that can help reverse the appearance of these unsightly bulging blood vessels. They have the range of options available based upon the needs you have and preferences.


These types of are a result of improper circulation. When the valves of the blood vessels become weak, they have a tendency to allow blood to flow again into the heart. In the event the weakening persists, the blood accumulates triggering the veins to stretch and enlarge.

The swelling is usually combined with boring, nagging pains, leg aches, sore legs and a heavy feeling.

What options are there for treatment? Here are some treatment plans to consider:


This kind of treatment option involves treating sodium chloride solution into the veins to break the protrusion. The therapy usually comes with inflammation, lump and allergic reactions, nevertheless they usually go away with time and the blood vessels eventually become inconspicuous.

Locomotive Phlebectomy

This is an invasive procedure for it is removal. It involves surgery where veins are forever removed by cutting.

Laser beam Remedy

This state of the art procedure combines radio frequency and lazer. The procedure is generally expensive, but causes long term results.


Treatment for it can be done through pills and supplementation. Now there are supplements today that are made especially for those with vascular conditions. As it is essentially as a result of poor circulation, the pills take effect by dilating the veins in the legs to allow blood vessels to properly flow.

This kind of treatment option will not only be rid of it but improve overall bloodstream circulation as well. There are reports of dramatic lowering of size as well as the color of varicose veins with proper supplements.

Even though the results take longer, natural supplementing is preferable to many individuals because they cost less than more intrusive means to remove varicose abnormal veins.


For those who would like to remove it in the least unpleasant means possible, there are creams and herbal remedies available in the market. These creams are generally based on anti-inflammatory materials that can stimulate bloodstream vessels and veins to keep working. These products are inexpensive, yet require several months for results to appear. Removal through creams and herbs are viable and natural means to reduce varicose veins, yet the effect would generally rely upon your preferred brand.

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