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As a regular internet user, has it ever occurred to you to ask "What is my IP address"? Most people know that the term IP stands for Internet Protocol but they know very small beyond this. This term refers to the way in which two or much more computer systems are connected via the internet. IP address refers to the distinct code that identifies a particular internet connection and network.

Whenever your pc connects with a particular web site, it tags the request with your query. This enables the website to send the response back to your pc. The perfect analogy is that of a return address on an envelope so that the response can come back to you easily.

Your IP address consists of a great deal of information about the web connection that you use. Not only will this series of numbers offer information about the web connection that you use but it will also indicate where your servers (and even proxy servers, if any) are located. The address also shows the location exactly where your web connection is registered, down to the zip code.

Because it is possible to trace an exact physical address with the assist of an IP address, this method is utilized extremely frequently by law enforcement authorities. If a computer has been used to do something illegal on the web then this is the technique utilized to trace the perpetrator who used a particular internet connection. If you have a wi-fi connection then you ought to also maintain this information in thoughts. You require to shield your connection with a password or else an additional individual could use it to break the law. You will initially be held accountable for the deed unless there is an additional way of proving your innocence.

It is very easy to discover out what your IP address is and you wont have to ask "what is my IP address". This will help you maintain track of your computer's activities, especially if you suspect that it has been hacked. What is much more fascinating is that you can also find out the address of an additional user if you use the right means. This is occasionally extremely essential to protect you from online fraud because you might be in a position to determine the other person you are interacting with and whether or not he or she is a dependable individual. Be sure to use the correct service that provides you with the information you need.

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