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A boutique hotel indicates numerous various things to different individuals, and as such it can be difficult to define and describe a boutique hotel. There also seem to be different definitions of this category of accommodation.

Boutique Hotel - This is accommodation that is unique from other people, and even from space to room. This kind of accommodation is regarded as upscale, fashionable, intimate, and gives a individual service that creates a memorable impression on the guest.

Luxury Boutique Hotel - This kind of accommodation creates the aura of luxury and style to form a distinctive way of life encounter for the guest. The "luxury" component of this accommodation can include a health and wellness center to concentrate on relaxation as a lot as the unique style of the hotel in a luxurious atmosphere. The furnishings, decor, and interior design are frequently plush, fashionable, and very expensive.

Trendy or Contemporary Hotels - These kinds accommodation can also be regarded as boutique simply because they provide exclusive restaurants, design, and a well-liked atmosphere for the discerning guest. Think about a trendy nightclub transformed into a trendy place of lodging.

Design Hotels - The concentrate of this kind of accommodation is generally the distinctive architecture and unique space design that makes a lasting impression on the guest. Often an artist is brought in to add unique creative vision to the hotel and implement touches and style such as artwork, paint, furnishings, lamps and layout of the space. Design hotels can also include environmental style that many eco-travelers covet throughout their remain.


The term "boutique hotel" was coined throughout the 1980's in large cities such as New York and London to describe a luxury accommodation with an intimate setting and personable service that is not discovered in a regular or chain hotel. Now boutique hotels can be found all about the globe and even big hotel chains such as W Hotels from Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide have gotten into the boutique hotel company.

The American entrepreneur Ian Schrager is frequently cited as one of the creators of the boutique category of accommodation, as nicely as the well-known Studio 54 nightclub in New York. In 1984 Ian opened his initial hotel "Morgans" and was an immediate achievement which included "lobby socializing" exactly where the hotel guests and local residents would gather and socialize in the trendy lobby of the hotel.

Why Choose a Boutique Hotel

Numerous travelers are interested to encounter much more from their accommodation than the regular space, pillow, and "quick food" type service of chain hotels. The unique experience and custom atmosphere of a boutique hotel is what drives visitors to remain there.

Company and leisure travelers select this category of accommodation for a different approach and individual consumer service they obtain. Frequently boutique accommodations can be the exact same price or less than a standard hotel chain and the hotel can be choosy about which guests are permitted to stay and experience this distinctive type of lodging. This creates a trendy atmosphere that even nearby residents want to encounter. Therefore the guest has a chance to meet other like-minded travelers and locals who share in the appreciation of the unique atmosphere.