Why WordPress Platform Is Important For Online Company

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This platform is built on PHP language and supported by MySQL database. Now a days it has because evolved into a fully capable CMS platform which tends to make it, the very best platform in the world for performing online business.

In today's situation this platform is becoming the require for all on-line companies. There are many advanced and useful features which make the WordPress the very best and easiest platform in the world for operating on-line company. These attributes are as follows:-

- Open Supply platform:- WordPress is an open source platform. In other word it is totally free to use. This is the best function of WordPress as this high quality lead us to take a choice concerning the improvement of customized web site or a weblog.

- Numbers of plug-ins and themes:- WordPress has number of plug-ins and themes choices which tends to make it various from other platforms. Plugins are very essential in WordPress as they help in customization of our blogs and websites. In addition to this themes are very essential as they decide the appear and also the navigation of blogs and websites.

- Low price:- WordPress has extremely small set-up price to get up and operating. You have to pay domain name registration price, web hosting cost and a very small price for obtaining customized theme as it will reflect your brand.

- User-Friendly:- WordPress is easy to use. You don't have need to turn out to be an professional to learn WordPress. It has a dash board and many inbuilt attributes with the help of which you can do lots of fascinating things like embedding of video, audio, photo galleries in your post. You can also add widget, nifty plug-ins or interactive tool in your blogs. Besides these WordPress has evolved numerous advanced features like content material management system, multi-user websites, mailing lists, newsletter solutions, discussion groups and buying cart features.

- Social Interaction:- WordPress has social interaction function. And this is the most sophisticated function of WordPress. As for performing online business, web sites and blogs are the only medium that are available to interact with clients and WordPress carry out this work with the assist of cross-weblog communication tools, comments and full user registration plug-ins.

- Search engine optimization friendly:- WordPress has a number of inbuilt features according to search engines paradigm which make it Seo friendly platform. Usually search engines like WordPress websites as these websites are usually being updated and with the assist of plug-ins we get maximum exposure to search engines.

Apart from these features easy installation, simple updation, high safety, Spam protection, bookmarklets, flexibility and extensibility are some essential features that insert moon in the praise of WordPress.

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