Your Character and Your Mailbox

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When giving directions we describe the way the driveway begins: the mailbox. Your personality is automatically assumed if your guest is seeing a unique mailbox. If you have an outgoing character or special hobbies, there are some out of the ordinary wood mailboxes which will match in with your house. There are also simple ways to turn the beginning of your driveway into a fantastic initial impression fairly effortlessly.

Wood mailboxes with distinctive themes or shapes are accessible to purchase in shops or on the web. Novelty wood mailboxes are great conversation starters because they are so uncommon and come all shapes and styles from animals to individuals to automobiles.

Another way to show your personality and make the driveway more exciting is a customized wood mailbox. These wood mailboxes are frequently hand-painted with scenes or styles that fit your style and match the theme of the yard. These mailboxes are sand carved into the wood and then hand painted with waterproof paints. If you do not want a image carved and painted on the box, you can buy wood mailboxes which have your name and/or address hand-carved in different colors and fonts.

Wood mailboxes can also be purchased with absolutely nothing on them, providing you the choice to paint them yourself. This choice can be a used as a nice housewarming present for a friend or it can be a fantastic way to show your artistic talents to the neighbors. Letting your kids paint and have some artistic influence on your house is also a creative choice. Be certain to buy a plain wood mailbox which has been sanded with a smooth surface to make painting easier. Primer should be applied and allowed to dry prior to painting and all paints should be water resistant to avoid damage from the rain.

Changing the post which it sits on is the easiest and least expensive choice for changing the look of your wood mailbox. These posts can simply be a cedar beam painted to match your current mailbox or theme of the house and garden. Changing and decorating the post gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want and requires away the stress of ruining an expensive item if you make a mistake. Cedar beams are simple to attach to the wood mailbox and you will only need the beam, waterproof paint, some cement, and a shovel to dig a hole in the ground.

A durable log or branch in laying in the yard can also be a creative wood mailbox post. This look is extremely organic and all-natural but this log can't have spots that are rotting or breaking or your mailbox will not last extremely lengthy outside. You will need to strip the bark on the branch and sand it until it is smooth and easy to paint or carve on.

Planting some flowers on or around your wood mailbox is a easy way to brighten up the appear of your driveway. Some wood mailboxes are available with boxes attached to the back to hold flowers or wood rectangular boxes can be constructed or purchased to surround your wood mailbox post with a garden of beautiful plants.

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