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5. New penalty

In the penalty shoot-out, Dragon mania legends hack cheats there [http://www.fifa18hackcoingenerator.com FIFA 18 Hack Tool] is a small change. In FIFA 17, you have pushed the left stick forward to start. Afterwards, you had to decide which corner you wanted to finish and the action with the shot key. In FIFA 18 you have more time!

You start with the right stick as usual. For example, if you want a longer run, press the right stick backwards. If you want to start sideways, you have to press the stick to the right / left. As soon as you have aligned, you aim with the left stick where you want to shoot. Press the shot button to execute the penalty.

Caution: Do not press the left stick too far to the right or left, Fifa 18 Coins Hack otherwise the ball will pass the gate for miles. And be careful when shooting the penalty. For example, if you shoot the ball into one of the top corners and you load the bar fully, the ball probably FIFA 17 Cheat tool flies into the clouds.