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Shopping for a cell phone holder seems easy enough, but it can be complex by unlimited choices. A holder could be a phone case or cradle, the possibilities are endless, spanning from distinctive novelty cases to a vehicle installed cell charger. Especially with blue tooth, the most common are car kits which I will focus on. Consider these 5 points before you buy. Don't worry-no technical experience needed. Here are some typical options to help select the right one for you.

Universal or Particular? There are holders designed for certain brands or specific models. One of the most essential variations is whether you have a PDA or cell phone. This-along with size--is the only distinction that really matters when looking for a universal holder. Universal holders are inexpensive (as low as $10) and have a suction or adhesive mount for any vehicle. They are padded inside to secure a wide variety of devices.

Passive or Active- This was confusing to me. I hadn't heard these terms used to describe a cell phone holder or cradle. Furthermore, it was difficult to find their meaning definitions weren't readily accessible on product websites. Ultimately, I found it refers to charge. In a nutshell, active will charge the phone while in the cradle, while passive will not. Although, you can plug a travel charger cable into your phone while it's on the passive holder. Fixed is installing the active cradle to connect to the vehicle's electrical system.

Installation- Installation is easy with windshield or dash suction mounts. Adhesive discs are also common and can be placed anyplace. An additional answer is a mounting platform like Proclip. The clips to dashboard seams for permanent and secure attachment. A screwdriver is needed but not to screw it to the car-no damage is carried out. If you are going for the gold, and want the electrical connection, leave it to a professional.

Mount place and phone size- Mount on the vent, dashboard, windshield, console and cigarette lighter. It's simpler to find cigarette lighter mounts for small phones, keep the bigger models on the dash.

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