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Block and Acosta [34] did conduct a retrospective review of the Swedish Vascular Registry involving 121 open and 42 endovascular revascularizations of the SMA from 1999 to 2006. Thirty-day mortality (42 versus 28%, p?Adenosine even despite successful recanalisation. Early diagnosis using CT angiography is essential, as it is highly sensitive in detecting a visceral arterial occlusion. CT is less accurate in detecting secondary signs of bowel ischaemia, and laparotomy is often required to accurately determine bowel viability and need for resection. Endovascular interventional techniques such as thromboaspiration, angioplasty and localised thrombolysis appear to safe and effective alternatives to open surgery in certain cases. The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare. No funding was required or used. Our institutional ethical review board does not require ethical approval for this case report and review. Consent has been obtained. JM, SM and DB were involved in the clinical management, and in discussion of the case. JM was involved in the clinical management, undertook the review and prepared the manuscript. Dr David Brophy, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, St?Vincent's?University Hospital Dublin, Ireland. ""En el art��culo ?Posibles efectos adversos del tratamiento supresor de la TSH en el carcinoma diferenciado de tiroides? (Endocrinol Nutr. 2011;58(2):75-83), se ha detectado un error en la tabla 2 de la p��gina 79. Reproducimos a continuaci��n la tabla correcta: ""Improved shelf life of fungal propagules under non-refrigerated storage conditions is of paramount importance, since mycopesticides may be exposed to temperatures in the high 30?s to 50?��C for extended periods during transport, warehousing, or on-farm storage, particularly in the tropics or subtropics (Stathers et al., 1993, Tanespimycin ic50 Alves et al., 1996, Hong et al., 1997, Burges, 1998, Jin et al., 1999?and?Roberts and Leger, 2004). Shelf life may vary according to species (Hong et al., 1997), isolate (Aregger, 1992?and?Hong et al., 2001), and propagule type (Elzein et al., 2004?and?Cliquet and Zeeshan, 2008). It is obvious that factors such as temperature (Daoust and Roberts, 1983, Sandhu et al., 1993, Moore et al., 1996?and?Hong et al., 1999), moisture (Sandhu et al., 1993, Connick et al., 1996?and?Hong et al., 2001), and packaging system (Clerk and Madelin, 1965, Jin et al., 1999?and?Abellana et al., 2000) play a vital role during storage.