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Do not choose a disc jockey primarily based on cost alone. You might be tempted to pick the least costly DJ, however there is a purpose some DJs are more expensive than other people. A slightly higher priced DJ will offer state of the art equipment. In addition the DJ will be experienced, have a fantastic personality, unique style and take the extra time needed to make sure your wedding is one to keep in mind. The old saying, “you get what you spend for” is a common expression used in the wedding industry. When the wedding is over, many couples will inform you they regret not spending additional money on a professional DJ. Keep in mind, when choosing a disc jockey for your wedding, cost alone should not be the deciding factor.

Always ask a viewpoint wedding DJ service their request policy. The majority of wedding DJs have a set list of songs, which does not leave much room for requests from your guests. They will tell you the purpose for using their list is because they are the experts. The reality is they have merely turn out to be accustomed to a set list and order, essentially memorizing it. A good DJ will take requests from you and your audience and will fit them into the evening accordingly. It is an unrealistic expectation to think the DJ will play each request. Trust your DJ to read the crowd and play the songs you and your guests want to hear.

Many wedding DJ services have numerous DJs working for the exact same company. This may be good and could indicate the company is much more established and has a good reputation. Nevertheless, you might be dealing with the owner or booking agent at the time of the consultation and may not get to meet the DJ that will be assigned to your wedding. Although the DJ Company might meet all your specifications, you should meet “your DJ” and ensure the DJ meets your requirements.

Finally you have chosen your wedding DJ service. Make sure that all the pricing particulars are agreed upon in advance, such as: additional gear, lighting, photo booth (s), overtime, travel and set up time. The agreement should be in writing and signed by the DJ service. This contract will avoid possible issues that could arise between you and the wedding DJ service.

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