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The examiner may choose to ask you questions about leadership in politics. The questions asked will rely on how lengthy you take to discuss your answers. You are not expected to give technical or specialist answers but you will be anticipated to give your opinion.

For example you could be asked to:

1. Describe a globe leader. In this case you could describe anything you know about a leader and give your own opinion on the leadership qualities they have demonstrated. 2. Describe the person's key achievements over the last ten or so years. You could choose one important achievement that produced alter or progress. If you are not certain of their important achievements, you could describe what you believe they could have carried out to make things better for people. 3. Describe what the individual may attain or do in the next 10 years. This is asking you to speculate, guess or envision so you can pretty much say what you really believe or feel. Once more, if you are not too certain of the individual, you could indicate that if you were that exact same person, you would want to ...(give example).

The important is to practice giving answers to a range of concerns on various topics and remember to also choose subjects that you know very little about. This will help you develop responses and give opinions on a wider range of subjects that you may not normally think about. For more questions and answers go to our samespeak website and look at the free lessons for instance concerns.

Some ways to answer questions that you know small about are:

That's an fascinating question and I don't know much about it...but I would imagine that .... Nicely I don't know extremely much about that subject but if I were to speculate, I would say that .... I do not have a lot of an idea about the topic but if I were to give an opinion, I would say ... I do not know as well a lot about the person you have talked about, but if I was that person, I would ....

Keep in mind, practice tends to make ideal and like the reading, listening and writing IELTS tests, you have to practice those specific abilities over and over again. For speaking, you should practice speaking out loud as if you were in a conversation or dialogue with someone else. Good luck!