Is Less Really More

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I remember years ago a news anchor at a local radio station in my home town had the name Les Ismore.
I never did research if that was his radio broadcasting handle or his real name. Less is more has been rattling around in my mind ever since.
I ask for a moment you think of a time when you were combing through a proposal and there was reams and reams of information. I don't have time for this. Those into details love that stuff.
I am of the belief that you present enough information to either interest people or not. You have not wasted the time of those not interested and they will be on their merry way. For those who are interested they will likely reach out to you for more information. You have peaked their interest.

What this then does is create a dialogue. A conversation. It allows the two parties the opportunity to build a rapport. Remember that people like to buy from people they trust. What better way than for that to come from a conversation either through email or even better a phone or personal conversation.

What is taken place here that what I call a pull. If you lay it all out there it's a push and you remove the opportunity to obtain that pull. The opportunity to create a relationship broadcasting details to anyone who will listen or read borders on spam. Do you know anyone who likes spam?

Who is your audience? If you don't know you better start to work on that. Broadcasters will always be broadcasters. The juicy stuff lies with the followers. They become your promoters. Their referrals about you grows your base.

Why do you suppose my favorite Blogger Seth Godin has millions of followers. I get more take aways from Seth than any one else I follow.
The next time you are preparing a proposal or a marketing piece. Remember that white sells. The more white space you have makes what is on the page stand out more. Yes. Less really is more.