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Experience the enlightened way to get NX! Karma Koin cards have replaced Nexon Game Cards on shop shelves. These prepaid cards work the exact same way as Nexon Game Cards, and are available at retailers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Merely buy the card where you would usually buy your Nexon Game Cards, and redeem for NX through the usual techniques.

What is Karma Koin?

Karma Koin cards are prepaid cards that can be redeemed for NX. Karma Koin cards have replaced Nexon Game Cards.

What about my Nexon Game Cards?

Your Nexon Game Cards will never expire and Nexon will continue to accept them. Nevertheless, they will no longer be available for purchase following your retailer’s current stock runs out.

Karma Koin was launched by Nexon America to enable payment for on-line games and music without having a credit card. Transforming your cash into virtual currency. In addition, for each spending Karma Koin contributes to charity causes.

One fantastic function of Karma Koin is any balance not invest can be use in your subsequent purchase. You can combine two Karma Koin Cards at their website to get a larger balance.

How to use Karma Koin?

1. Choose Karma Koin as the payment method at the on-line game or music websites that accepts Karma Koin. 2. Enter Karma Koin card code to spend. 3. Once successful, your buy will be successful

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