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An important step in band web site promotion consists of obtaining listed into the current band website directories. If you want to be discovered by people, you need to be there where individuals are searching. Directories are web sites in which the content material, in this case information about bands, is organised into categories. Individuals can quickly discover a music band based on specific criteria such as location, genre or influences. An extra benefit of getting listed into directories is that they may enhance the search engine rankings of your band website: search engines calculate the 'importance' of your website primarily based on the quantity of other websites linking to it (among other elements of course).

Tips for getting directory listings

- It is better to be listed into several directories than in only 1. Individuals looking for bands are most likely not going to verify all of them.

- Submit your band profile to a website that provides you a dedicated page, in which you can give detailed info about your band. A complete page improves the opportunity that people will find your band!

- Make your submission as detailed as allowed. Use the space that the directory offers you to promote your band into as a lot detail as possible. Describe your music, its genre, its influences and instruments.

- Choosing the correct categories is very essential as it tends to make the distinction in being found or not.

- Produce a distinctive description for each directory. Do not copy just your own biography from your website. Search engines do not like duplicate content: your information may receive greater rankings if it is distinctive in every location.

- Update your info from time to time. Modern directories provide simple methods to right or enhance your listing at a later time.

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