Simple to Use Individual Security Alarms for Everyone

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Many of you are concerned with your personal safety, yet do not want to or can't carry pepper spray or a stun gun for various reasons. Your age, size, geographic place, or daily routine will determine what you are able to do to ward off an attack.

One easy option that numerous don't know about is a little individual alarm. These personal security alarms have an emergency or panic button emitting an ear-splitting loud shriek. This serves two purposes: to scare off an attacker, and to draw interest to you during an attack so hopefully someone will be in a position to assist you or call 911.

A security alarm is small enough to match in your hand, has a important chain or wrist strap so it is easy to carry, and some even come with a mini flashlight built in (great for opening doors at night).

These can be great for you, your children or an elderly relative because they're so easy to use. For individual and house defense, a personal alarm can be utilized in many methods.

· The ladies can carry 1 in their purse or on their important chains. As you walk, you can grip it in your hand, prepared to press the panic button if needed. Use it anyplace you go-buying mall, parking lot, jogging, or working late at night.

· Latchkey children can maintain the security alarm in their backpacks. Teach them to appear around them as they walk from college or the bus to notice who's about. If there is somebody suspicious, they can pull out the alarm and press it. Hopefully, they've been taught to exactly where to run to for security, maybe a neighbor's house or a shop nearby.

· An older relative may find these easy to use simply because the emergency button is big sufficient for fingers that might be less nimble or eyes that are impaired due to age. She or he may carry this personal security alarm on his or her wrist, and perhaps use the constructed-in flashlight to help open the door.

1 factor you do require to keep in mind is that if you press the emergency alarm in a remote or deserted region exactly where no one is around to assist, this might not be your best self defense weapon. It might scare off an attacker, but you need to make certain you can run somewhere for assist or to call 911.

If you want to improve your probabilities, carry a little personal alarm AND an additional self defense product, such as the strongest pepper spray accessible or an affordable stun gun. Stack the odds are in your favor, not your attacker's.