Super Foods for Memory Improvement

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You find yourself forgetting a person's name even if that person is someone you've known for years. These memory lapses happen to most people, but that doesn't mean you can keep yourself from being worried about it. You may have thought that you're showing signs of Alzheimer's. The truth is you're far from having Alzheimer's. Before you freak out, why not try to do a few things to help your memory, like eating some of the following foods?

If you want to give your memory a boost, try drinking tea regularly. The antioxidants found in tea help with your brain. Antioxidants fight and kill free radicals. What's nice about tea is you can drink it whenever you want. For instance, in the mornings and evenings, you can have hot tea. On a hot day, you can cool yourself with a tall glass of iced tea. And if you're at work, you can drink tea during your break times. There are all sorts of tea flavors that you can choose from. Make it a habit to incorporate tea in your diet and you'll notice your memory improving soon.

Make sure that you eat enough leafy green veggies. Not just that but make sure you are eating dark green leafy vegetables. This is something that can be easily done. You can, for instance, start each meal with fresh salad made from dark leafy greens. You can get 15% of your daily vitamin E needs from one cup of raw spinach.

Nobody really knows how folates keep your brain functioning properly but they certainly help you improve brain function.

You can also try eating more avocados, as they are regarded as memory superfoods. This fruit is packed full of vitamin E and vitamin C. According to scientists, these two vitamins stop the formation of plaque that causes Alzheimer's disease. It's not hard to incorporate avocados in your regular diet.

You can, for example, make guacamole out of avocados. Make sure you keep it healthy, though. Dip veggies, not chips, in your guacamole. You can even eat avocado with your salad.

There are so many different things that you can do to help improve your brain function. There are games and puzzles and different activities that you can do. You can also try brain exercises. Try changing your diet as well. It's easy enough and sure to improve your memory. You can improve your memory by eating more of the memory super foods. We have talked about a few of them in this article. Do some more research and you're bound to discover more memory super foods.