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If you can give your child a thirst for reading, the whole world opens to him. We noticed it with Joy, who at 6 was reading at a level twice her age. But for Joy, a visual learner, the procedure had been an easy, nearly effortless method. When we attempted to use the very same techniques with Hope, we discovered two things: Hope is not a visual learner and we actually had no strategy to teach reading! So with Hope we had to start from scratch. We identified ourselves bouncing from one technique to another, scatterbrained, but as well bad to put out the megabucks necessary for any of the flashier programs. And as you may count on, we didn't make a lot of progress. Then we stumbled across this guide! What a need to have it met.

Phonics-primarily based, easy to follow, low-cost, nonconsumable, and self-contained, it was all that we were looking for. There are no workbooks, no flashcards, absolutely nothing fancy—just you, one-on-one with your child for 20 minutes a day.

Primarily based on the nationally productive DISTAR program, this system has been adapted for mother or father and child use, and would seem customized-made for the home school setting. Yes, this technique does use visual clues in the first 80 lessons, but then they drop the clues and your child will take off working. We had been doubtful at first, but soon after going by way of it with four young children and hearing hundreds of “success” stories, we're believers! Right after 100 lessons your child will be reading at a sound 2nd grade level.

My only complaint involves the stories. There is a new story each lesson, starting at lesson 13, and they are as well silly for my tastes. But they were the highlights for all our young children, so I will not complain too loudly! Hope, after 50 lessons, was reading smoothly, writing brief “stories,” and on her own picked up and read other "easy" books. She completed the book before her 5th birthday and effortlessly moved into a 3rd grade reading text. Grace also finished the system whilst nevertheless 4, however there had been days that we more than exceeded the twenty minutes prescribed.

100 easy lessons