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The accident and emergency persons looked at me, heard what I had to say and mentioned `you're within the incorrect place, the stroke clinic, the specialist place is at (a diverse hospital), we'll arrange for you to go as soon as there's an obtainable ambulance' and that morning, they located one and they took me straight there.Inside the second case, the patient's household reported that the GP had been concerned in the delay in arranging specialist assessment as a result of the medical professional at the urgent care centre referring the patient back to their GP.P26. Well he said that we could either admit you tonight, as in at the hospital, but absolutely nothing could be performed, no tests or something would be carried out, so it is possible to go dwelling, have your dinner after which go and see your GP and get your GP to do a referral and say that your mum's had a TIA. On the Monday morning, he (GP) said `how could this doctor around the Sunday afternoon say that she's had a TIA, why could not he do the referral there after which, why leave it another day?'Some GPs identified barriers encountered by out-of-hours doctors in referring patients for specialist assessment. It was pointed out that out-of-hours doctors did not have access for the usual referral pathways and documentation (TIA kind), and so would have troubles in referring individuals.GP40. I never consider out of hours people today would find it easy to perform a TIA referral either. I do not assume Tion in mtDNA gene expression that was previously masked by the they've a fixed referral pathway, if it's a TIA they tend to Tion in the third celebration.. you'd have believed if someone assess.Tion from the third celebration.. you'd have thought if somebody presents to A E with a TIA then they really should be referred straight off.An additional GP described how he would `over-ride' the scoring program in the event the results didn't indicate the require for urgent assessment but practical experience told him otherwise.GP24. And if something inside me goes `I'm just not satisfied about this', then, like each other GP, I will either fix the numbers, or I will just say `I do not care, this one particular requirements to become observed. There is something--I've been doing this job for a although, and I never care what your numbers say; I want this one particular seen'.Levels of know-how about the processes for referring patients for specialist assessment also appeared to differ amongst GPs. Some utilized the TIA kind which could be faxed for the TIA clinic guaranteeing prompt assessment although other individuals appeared to become employing other systems for referral.Two individuals described comparable delays following attendances at a walk-in centre and urgent care centre, respectively. Both were advised to produce follow-up appointments with their GPs, which had concerned them given their perceptions of the seriousness of their circumstances and need to have for urgent specialist assessment.Wilson A, et al. BMJ Open 2016;six:e011654. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2016-Open AccessP16. So, as I say, that have been on the Friday, so I went, they took me there to the stroll in, I noticed a physician there and he performed different items, to find out about a stroke, but he wasn't confident, now that's what I say I am not pleased about because, I imply, strokes are a serious condition that demands some pretty rapid interest, but he weren't certain, now as I say, this was the Friday, and they got the appointment around the Monday.