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Button battery is recognized as a small battery which is commonly utilized to power the small electronic devices. This button battery gets its name simply because it is round and resembles buttons or coins. Many individuals are really not really familiar with this quite new kind of battery. When you are getting electronic device which stops working, it may be caused by a simple matter of the dead or dying button battery. At this time, this article is going to give you some tips of a testing method for the button battery that will help you to verify its condition.

As the first step, you should remove the battery from your device and then you need to inspect it for determining the battery voltage. The voltage is generally marked on the battery. It is recognized that most of the button batteries are made between 1.35 and three volts.

As the second step, you require to set the multimeter for displaying the voltage on the DCV scale.

The third step that you should do is to figure out the good side of your battery by discovering side with a "+" that marked on it. Following that, you require to touch the positive probe of multimeter (red) anyplace on this side.

The fourth step is to touch negative probe of multimeter (black) to the unfavorable side of your battery. The unfavorable side is of course in the opposite side of the good side.

The final step is to take a note of the voltage that is displayed on the multimeter. If you find that the voltage is about 10 % much less than the marked voltage on battery, you need to replace it. For instance, the 1.5 battery must show the voltage of at least 1.35 volts, while the 3 volts battery must show the voltage of at least two.7 volts.

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