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Airport shuttles are also called a share ride van service. In a share ride service, you share your service with other passengers and make a number of stops along the way. One benefit of an an airport shuttle is the cost. If you notice taxi fare or private sedan is costlier than this service. If six passengers are going in the same direction, and they hire a cab or a limo it would take six trips. But if they hire an airport shuttle, one fuel will be saved and it will price them less.

If you are planning to use an airport shuttle service find out prices of other shuttle companies as prices differ. Find out hours of operation, pick up location at the airport and will they drop you at the address specified by you. Find out how many stops the shuttle van will make. It is better to make advance reservation so that you will know all the information about the company and not risk any nasty surprises. Make sure that the driver puts your luggage in the van and no one takes your bag by error. Usually find out what is the cancellation policy is ahead of time, so if your plans change you do not get charged.

Things that can go wrong while utilizing an an airport shuttle service. Van came late, shuttle bus did not show up, van came late and other things like driver was not polite, driving was unsafe, too many stops or the driver did not know the area and so on. If the shuttle is very late or did not show up, at the airport the easiest solution is go with some other company.

If you faced any significant issue you can file a complaint to the an airport shuttle operator. Airport shuttle operators are licensed with local Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and the airport that the shuttle company is serving. If you had been unhappy with their services you can tell them that if they do not offer the services provided by them they will send the letter to the PUC and the airport, they will suspend or penalize the company. Some customers may ask the shuttle company to give a written proof that they will resolve the problem. If still issue persists you can get in touch with PUC and airport.

You can get discount on an airport shuttle service. Many companies offer coupons, you can enquire about it. You can get in touch with dispatcher if they have a coupon published someplace it could be in local yellow pages, magazine or newspaper. See if there are any discounts at the time of purchase/reservation. Some companies will give discounts on round trip reservations or on-line reservation. Some companies provide special discounts like student discount, student discount or military or non profit organization discounts.

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